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Color Calla Lily Flowers - Opening and Caring for Shipments.
Colored calla lilly flowers arriving in box
calla lily flowers being unpacked
1. Open Box of Calla Lilies Upon Arrival. Your opened box should look similar to this. Callas are shipped with smalled wooden cleats to lock them in place. It is possible that some may arrive limp--this is normal. All calla lilies will require rehydration for maximum vase life. Colored calla lily flowers are harvested and shipped fully open and do not require time to open. 2. Remove Packing Material. Be careful not to tear off material and bruise or damage the calla lily flowers.
recutting calla lily stems arrange calla lilies in calla lily bouquet

3. Recut Calla Lily Flower Ends. Cut off at least 1/4 inch off the the stems. You can cut as much as you need to fit vase or arrangement.

4. Place Immediately in Water. For proper rehydration it is important to place quickly in clean water and clean vase. Keep cool and out of direct sunlight. Flowers should fully rehydrated within 8-12 hours.
5. Make Arrangements.
Calla Lilies can be arranged as a stand alone flower or within an arrangement. Vase life is 7-10 days.
calla lily processing into calla lily bunches
Additional Notes: It is normal that calla lilies arrive with a bend to their stem. This can be minimized by turning box upside upside down for 12 hours before opening and processing. During this time, be sure the flowers are stored in a cool room. It also helps to tie 4-5 bunches of flowers together so that it forces them to hydrate straight. If left in a bucket as a single bunch, the bend can become worse. See photo below of how to band several bunches together.