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Hydrangea Flowers - Opening & Caring
hydrangea flower arriving
hydrangea flowers unpacking
1. Open Box of Fresh Hydrangeas Upon Arrival. Your opened hydrangea box should look similar to this. Hydrangeas are shipped with specially designed plastic liners to keep them hydrated. It is possible that some may arrive limp. Follow next directions closely to rehydrate.
hydrangea flowers recuting stems
hydrangea flowers in vase
2. Remove packing material from flower bunches. Recut hydrangea flower ends at least 1/4 inch and place immediately in water. Keep in water for at least 4-6 hours in cool area away from direct light. This will allow them to rehydrate. 3. Arrange hydrangea flowers in vase by spreading stems symmetrically. Additional flowers and greens may be added, although hydrangeas look great as a stand alone product. Use clean water. Water can be changed every 2-3 days to lengthen life of flowers. Vase life: 4-6 days average.