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Large White Calla lilies - Standard vs. premium

Standard Large White Lilies are 14"-26" tall

Premium Large White Lilies are 26"+ (avg. length is 34")


Standard Large White Calla Lilies versus permium large white calla lilies.This photo represents what you may expect to receive for both premium and standard large white calla lilies. The bunch on the left are standard, measuring 14-26” tall and the bunch on the right is premium, measuring 26”+. It is possible you may receive a bunch of calla lilies where 1-3 flowers are in fact taller or shorter than the cut off measurement, however, a bunch is measured by its average height.

Calla Lilies are measured from the bottom of the stem to the tip of the flower.
There is generally some correlation between stem length and flower bloom size (i.e. a taller flower generally has a larger bloom size). However, this correlation does not always exist, and definitely not in proportion to the difference in stem length.
There can be a lot of variation between two different shipments in regards to flower stem length. For example you may receive one shipment 38” tall. The next shipment could be 28” tall. Both shipments are the premium grade. We guarantee only that flowers will fall within our grading standards.
Calla lilies can be cut as short as you need them for your vase or arrangement without affecting the vase life or quality of the flower (i.e. if you receive flowers taller than you want, there is not harm done in cutting them as short as you need them)