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White Calla Lily Flowers - Opening and Caring for Shipments.
large white calla lilies arriving
unpacking large old fashioned white calla lilies
1. Open Box of Calla Lilies Upon Arrival. This is what your box should look like upon arrival. 2. Cut Away Packaging. Be careful not to tear off material and risk the chance of bruising the calla lily flowers.
recutting stems of large old fashioned white calla lily

3. Recut Calla Lily Flower Ends. Cut at least 1/4 inch off of flower stems. Place immediately in water. Cut as much as you need to fit vase or arrangement.

arranging large white calla lilies in a vase white calla lilies look great by themselves, however, you can add filler flowers to make an unforgetable calla lily arrangement
4. Arrange Calla Lily Flowers in vase by spreading the stems symmetrically. Use clean water. Water can be changed every 2-3 days to lengthen the life of the flowers. 5. After 3-5 days at room temperature, calla lily flowers should fully open. White callas are often displayed by themselves, but can be spiced up by additional greens.
Our white calla lily flowers should last 7-10 days.
Additional Notes: There may be a curve to the callas when they arrive. This is normal, however, this can be minimized by turning box over and leaving for 12 hours before opening and processing flowers. Also, after processing, leave curve to the outside of the bucket and they will naturally straighten up toward the center of the bucket. If the curve is to the center of the bucket, the curve of the stem can even become more pronounced.